Will awards net you more author visit invitations?

DoAwardsMatterAfter a recent Linked-in discussion about book awards, it got me wondering whether being an award-winning author or illustrator will increase a person’s school visit invitations. Specifically, whether awards would make a librarian more inclined to invite an author to her school. I’ve always thought perhaps it would, so I posed the question to teacher and librarian friends on Facebook. My friends said that, for the most part, awards played virtually no part in their considerations. Here are some of their answers: [Read more…]

“Cold Calling” that works!

ColdCalling_150Last year, I discovered an effective way to add an extra visit or two to an out-of-town gig. I’ve never had much luck with “cold call” mailings — not only when I was new to the game, but also when I had quite a few published books that librarians would likely recognize. I just never saw any evidence that my mailings ended up anywhere but in the trash. So I had nearly given up on cold calling.

Then, I found something that really worked! [Read more…]

Don’t forget advance promotional materials

I have a collection of promotional materials I offer schools at various points in the booking process. Immediately after a school contacts me inquiring about an author visit, if they’re simply looking for more information, I “snail mail” my advance packet. (See below.)

Kim Norman's author visit advance promotional packetEven if a visit never comes to pass, they’ll have my brochure and other materials, including a music CD of my “Storytime Boogie,” and they may remember me in a coming year. I have had PTA coordinators tell me they were handed my packet from an out-going committee member, so it’s clear that at least some of the recipients really do value and hold onto the packet for future years. [Read more…]