Clowning around and playing for laughs

Clown-faced baby imageIt always irks me that actors who play dramatic roles grab most of the Oscar statuettes when comedy is just as hard to pull off… if not harder. I can think of plenty of comedians who are also good at drama, but far fewer dramatic actors who have starred in successful comedies.

Okay, Oscar rant out of the way, here’s my point: comedy is an art. Humor relies not only on content (funny punchlines) but also on timing and “knowing the room.” Meaning, you have to know what will amuse the particular audience in front of you. As a visiting author, in one day, you’ll be presenting to audiences with very different funny bones.

Here are some guidelines: [Read more…]

What if I’m not a comedian and I can’t sing OR dance?

KimNorman_Gocio MarqueeI’m not a comedian either, but – while I can sing and dance – that doesn’t make me a better presenter, or put me in greater demand, than many of my school visit colleagues. Sure, it’s great if you have an extra talent/skill you can apply to your school  presentations. Do you juggle? Ride a unicycle? Know a few magic tricks? Those would all be cool to add into your presentation, but make sure they’re tied to your primary message as a visiting author. [Read more…]