Asking for the check

Asking4theCheck_150dpiYeah, that can be awkward. You can’t baldly ask, “Where’s my money?” Well, you can, but… yikes. Some coordinators and bookkeepers will remember to hand you the check right away, at the beginning of the day. (Yay!) If lunch has passed and there’s still no mention of it, sometimes I play dumb and ask, “Did you give me the check already? Sometimes I forget where I put it!” This makes for a light moment and a memory-jog for the coordinator. If I remember to plan ahead, sometimes I carry a printed invoice in my “magic folder.” (More about my magic folder later.) With the invoice in hand, I ask, “Did you need me to give you a printed invoice for the visit? I have it here.” Usually they’ll say no, but the question also serves as a graceful reminder to retrieve the check.

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